Eligibility Package

2014-2015 Regulations and Policy

Section 40.10 - Eligibility & Recruiting Rules (doc) (pdf)
Section 40.20 - Interpretations, Appeals and Amendment Procedures (doc) (pdf)
Section 40.30 - Eligibility Registration and Doping Control Data Requirements (doc) (pdf)
Section 90.10 - Drug Education and Doping Control Policy (PDF)

2015-2016 and 2016-17 Forms - Season-Ending Injury Form - Request to Regain a Year of Eligibility (xls) (pdf) - Student-Athlete Acknowledgement and Consent Form (doc) (pdf) - Student-Athlete Registration Form (xls) (pdf) - Athlete Eligibility Verification Form - transfer students (xls) (pdf) - Athlete Eligibility Verification Form - national team student-athletes (xls) (pdf) - Transfer Rule Waiver Verification Form (track & field, cross-country) (doc) (pdf) - Transfer Rule Waiver Verification Form (swimming) (doc) (pdf)   Transfer Rule Waiver Verification Form (repatriation policy) (doc) (pdf) - Eligibility Certificate (xls) (pdf) - Updated August 2016 - Player Participation Declaration Form (doc) (pdf) - Letter of Intent (doc) (pdf) - Updated August 2016 - Letter of Intent University Release Application (doc) (pdf) - Updated August 2016 - Letter of Intent CIS Release Application (doc) (pdf) - Updated August 2016

2015-2016 Resources

Student-Athlete’s Guide (doc) (pdf)

Repatriation Transfer Rule Waiver Policy: Frequently Asked Questions (doc) (pdf)

Letter of Intent: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) (.doc)

Athletic Scholarship Case Book & Interpretations (PDF)

Women’s Hockey High Performance Pilot Project – Frequently Asked Questions (doc) (pdf)