CIS Programs and Services

Canadian university sport is an experience of a lifetime! Not only will student-athletes earn a degree, they will develop skills in addition to gaining an experience that will last forever!

What do we offer?

Quality Programs:

Each year over 10,000 student-athletes across Canada participate in 12 sport disciplines with a schedule of close to 3,000 events starting in September and concluding in March. This begins a course of action that will lead to the ultimate goal in university sport, claiming the National Championship title. This weekly competition provides student-athletes the best there is to offer in Canada.

Annually, regional champions from the four conferences vie to compete at the CIS National Championships held across the country in the following sports:

Held in November each year: Held in February / March each year:
Women's Field Hockey Men's & Women's Wrestling
Women's Rugby Women's Ice Hockey
Men's & Women's Cross Country Men's & Women's Swimming
Men's Soccer Men's Volleyball
Women's Soccer Women's Volleyball
Uteck Bowl (Semi-Final Football) Men's & Women's Indoor Track & Field
Mitchell Bowl (Semi-Final Football) Women's Basketball
Vanier Cup (Football ) Men's Basketball
  University Cup (Men's Ice Hockey)
  Men's & Women's Curling


No other sport organization in the country can match the breadth and scope of such a program. From Victoria to St. John's, student-athletes competing for national honours represent an exciting vibrant dimension of Canadian society. 

Every CIS student-athlete must participate in an annual drug education program as part of the CIS Drug Education and Doping Control Program. Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport The program highlights key issues and health concerns of drugs in sport. This program is extremely beneficial as it educates the student-athletes about the zero tolerance policy of the CIS, the health hazards and allows for discussion regarding the ethics of drugs in sport.

Internationally, student-athletes can experience the excitement of the Winter and Summer World University Games, the second largest multi-sporting event in the world, second only to the Olympics. Every two years, student-athletes have an opportunity to compete with the best from around the globe in 12 sporting disciplines at the Summer Games and 7 sporting disciplines at the Winter Games. These Games provide a tremendous experience both culturally and athletically and are often the platform for student-athletes to launch their international athletic careers.

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National Exposure:

CIS has several national telecasts broadcast live on a variety of TV networks. These telecasts showcase the majority of CIS's National Championship Finals and Semi-Finals.

In addition to TV coverage, national media exposure is demonstrated weekly through the articles and highlights in major mediums such as the Globe & Mail, CBC Newsworld, CBC Radio, other major dailies, TV, radio stations and Websites across the country.

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Awards and Honours:

Student-Athletes are honoured throughout September to March by special awards and student-athlete profiles.

Academic All-Canadians

Each year, student-athletes who obtain an 80% average or better are recognized for achieving academic excellence as CIS Academic All-Canadians.


The top athletes in each of the CIS sports are honoured for their athletic excellence as CIS All-Canadians.

Student-Athlete Community Service Award

Femaile Winner

These awards are presented during the CIS National Championships to student-athletes who best exemplify the attributes of academic and athletic success, as well as community support.

CIS Athletes of the YearMale Winner

The BLG Awards CIS Male and Female Athletes of the Year are honoured in April / May of each year at a major awards presentation.  These student-athletes are nominated from their respective regional association for their superior athletic accomplishments. The athletes receive a scholarship toward furthering their education. The BLG Awards show is attended by close to 1,000 people and is broadcast nationally on TSN.

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Financial Assistance to Student-Athletes:

Canadian universities offer student-athletes financial assistance. Each year awards are offered to varsity athletes by universities across the country to assist in covering the cost of tuition and compulsory fees. The amount of money varies from university to university, however, the award may not exceed a maximum amount of tuition and compulsory fees. Some universities and some Regional Associations impose a lower cap on the amount of athletic awards.

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Quality Coaching:

Canadian universities employ more coaches than any other sport organization in the country. The standard of coaching has increased dramatically over the years. Most CIS coaches are NCCP certified at the highest level and are considered the best in the country. Many are involved in national team programs. All are concerned with the development of the individual as a student and as an athlete, and therefore recognize the student-athlete's commitment to both academics and athletics.

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Quality Services:

Canadian university student-athletes receive the best sport medical support in the country. They have direct, easy access to therapy and counseling services. Most competitive programs have medical or paramedical support assigned for training and competition.

Canadian universities offer student-athletes a continuum of physical activity opportunities from recreation, intramurals, intermediate levels to highly competitive programs.

Many Athletic Departments involve student-athletes in their decision-making through Student Athlete Councils. Student Councils are involved in such activities as selection of coaching staff, program development, budgeting, policy, event management. This provides student-athletes with an opportunity to develop leadership skills as well as provides the university athletic personnel with an understanding of their clients' needs.

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The Best Facilities in Canada:

Canadian Universities boast the finest facilities in Canada. From swimming pools to soccer fields, Canadian universities offer the most diverse and highly sophisticated facilities across the land. Carleton's new facility Canadian universities have hosted Olympic Games, World University Games and other major international and national events.

Sixteen universities are the sites for National Team High Performance Centers while two universities have been made into National Coaching Centres of Excellence.

Student-athletes have an opportunity to train and compete in the best setting in the country. This coupled with quality coaching will enhance their performance to the highest potential.

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